Notre camping se trouve sur les terres de la ferme du Mas-Atché près du pittoresque village de Salles-curan, où vous trouverez


The country of great spaces opens its doors to you. Ground of culture and adventure, Aveyron is a harmonious mixture of landscapes whose beauty and variety will astonish you. Magic of large causses, majesty of the Dourbie and Aveyron, gorges of the Tarn, charms green valleys of the Tarn, Batch and of Aveyron, all is contrast, for the greatest pleasure of the amateurs of discoveries.


Multiple testimonies of a rich and prestigious past impresses history of Templar Knights and passage of the pilgrims on the ways of St-Jacques de Compostelle, the great cultural sites of the Rouergue named Conques, Najac, Rodez, Couvertoirade, St-Eulalie... From vastness of the plate of Aubrac to the charms of waters of the Lot, the north of Aveyron is the country of the authentic one..


The area of Conches and Marcillac is rich in historical, cultural and economic inheritance. Country of the country houses (Villefranche, Najac and Villeneuve) and of the castles (Belcastel and Najac) Rouergue is also a high place of prehistory. Many castles and villages of character strew the high valley with Aveyron, of causses of Séverac to Ruthénois. Levezou is famous for its large lakes, largest of the south of France. The area of Millau is the country of large causses and the sinuous throats (gorges of the Tarn). Celebrate in the whole world thanks to its cheese of reputation: Roquefort