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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Yao Ming, in a sense is the shoes of the war losers. 2003 when its contract when faced with NIKE, NIKE was only willing to offer a four-year $ 1.6 million ultra-low New Testament (Yao Ming in the CBA had four-year contract with NIKE $ 200,000 to sign, NIKE considered a new contract 8 times turned generous enough already), but for the same period NIKE LeBron provide a seven-year $ 90 million. Recently, Yao Ming announced with Nike jointly promote the development of youth basketball in China. This is Yao Ming put the past aside, after so many years of cooperation with Nike again. Throughout Yao's career, he has with Nike, Reebok, Adidas sneakers brand signed three cooperation, in the image speak equally successful people. Yao cooperation with Nike began in 1996, when the Shanghai team just promoted to the CBA, Yao Ming is no visibility of the young center, but he was at a ceremony in Shanghai's Jing'an Stadium, occasional Nike CEO of China Lodz (Chinese name Luhai Rui) to identify what was in the latter. Yao w Retro jordans for sale as no proper shoes, only wear Adidas gift Zheng Haixia old shoes. Lodz took the opportunity to give Yao one pair of Nike boots Mourning version, then gave Yao Ming and Liu Wei to attend the Nike camp. In 1999, when the CBA Yao Ming has become a star, Nike and Yao Ming signed a four-year total of $ 200,000 sponsorship deal. Although the contract amount, in today seems unremarkable, but at the time of the CBA can be described as the contract price, even more than the Shanghai team to Yao's contract also much higher. Looking at the year, has long been famous throughout the CBA also only Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming slightly above its endorsement contract. After Yao Ming as the champion landed NBA, Nike contract will become very shabby. After the contract expires in 2003, Nike contract terms did not show enough sincerity, available only to Yao Ming a four-year $ 1.6 million contract, the offer directly angered Yao Ming. Just because Nike had first entered the NBA, James to a seven-year $ 90 million fertilizer around, in contrast to the lack of respect for yourself too. Yao therefore genera cheap foamposites ting a break with Nike. At this point, another well-known sneaker brand Reebok "take advantage", and Yao's team to negotiate out of a seven-year $ 50 million price tag. Although Nike remedy formula additional seven years totaling $ 120 million offer, but it was too late, Yao Ming is no longer considered as Nike, set the expense of $ 70 million difference, stick with the Reebok contract. Yao Ming at break and Nike said a very very impressive words: "You can give me a little money, but you must be honest with me that this is not the money thing.." At that time, almost all the media have praised Yao Ming spineless. After and Reebok signed Yao Ming Reebok in terms of packaging the most impressive thing is that, in 2008, Reebok has been erected in front of Beijing Wangfujing Yao huge statue. But objectively speaking, as a whole Reebok marketing battle, Reebok and Yao Ming did not make good use of influence in China. 2005 August Adidas acquisition of Reebok, this ???? gradually took over the basketball equipment business of Reebok, 2010 champion Walter, Yao Ming and other core age cheap air jordans ncy resources such as basketball are planning to Adi's. Adi Yao great respect, so the two sides continued good relations of cooperation. Even after Yao retired, Yao Ming during public appearances are always wearing Adidas equipment. However, the transition to become the boss Yao also carry out liaison with other brands. Despite himself wearing Adidas, but this time Yao Foundation began working with the Olympic, on past sessions charity game Yao Ming Olympic figure can be seen everywhere. In addition, disclosure of insiders, after Yao retired, the other Chinese top brands Yao Ming had also been extending an olive branch. Today, it has been transformed into a mature businessman Yao, from a business perspective, with Nike abandon the hatchet in hand again. As the saying goes, the players speak only spineless, talk about the interests of businessmen. Of course, the now-retired Yao Ming no longer take that form signings, but let their own name Yao funds to cooperate and jointly promote the development of Chinese youth basketball. Throughout his career, Yao Ming, has played for three jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black shoes suppliers, too valuable to sign endorsement contracts. In addition to the arena, Yao Ming in the image of the endorsement of the business world, is also a leader in the Chinese players. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Orient Resin)Nike Kobe 9 Elite "Masterpiece" foot appreciation 2014-02-24 20:59:03 this mixed Nike Kobe 9 Elite has been released for some time, but we still continue to discuss it. As the first use of Flyknit vamp technology basketball shoes, this Nike Kobe 9 Elite, in addition to the stadium wearing, Sneakerhead will inevitably in the future daily life wearing this shoes. Recently, the network will be released Nike Kobe 9 Elite; how long jeans collocation photo effect, have different views. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in February 8th next year, priced at $220. lightning with Jordan, 2014-12-27 16:05:06 caused by the chemical effect was probably a sleepless night for many people last night. Why? Because the Air Jordan 1 X Fragment is on sale at 9 this morning! The o jordan 3 katrina 2018 nline store not seconds, than the Spring Festival rush tickets is also terrible, because the Spring Festival will give you some hope, and the official website to grab a pair of shoes for you perhaps only despair, love of this pair of shoes is a friend, to draw up is a choice, limit 500 people, although some people killed I hope, but the protection of these 500 people can have an equal opportunity to compete for the bipolar little shoes, when the end of the draw, there are people happy about, of course, is not a small matter, ask around sneaker you didn't smoke in how to do? And tell me the next station Weigongcun, I felt relieved, perhaps this is true love, money is money driven. The Honja series has been Y-3 is the popular signature shoes, this time in Honja is designed based on high and Honja Low released 2013 new series, the use of Y-3 fashion style of avant-garde aesthetics, inspired from the slide into the leather shoes, uppers materials form while not forgetting the decorative effect. Although a lot of users will complain about the soles of Y-3 thin, but in the choice of jordans on sale online materials is impeccable, lightweight EVA midsole combined with high-density rubber outsole, comfort and buffering both, it is worth considering. boys fall skateboard shoes Honja series from the California footwear brand Gourmet has always been a diverse and bold style to create the street at the foot of the weapon to conquer and popular, but in the news release in November last year following the preview after the release the 2013 spring and summer series shoes. In the new season, Gourmet will focus on its low CINQUE 2 L edition, presented in camouflage, plain, ostrich leather, suede leopard and other techniques, in addition to including alligator, Plover and zebra and many other styles, the overall visual impact still has full of feelings. Gourmet brand men's spring 2013 street at the foot of the weapon to conquerThe end of last year, Jordan plans to Australia in a game of golf, but this plan because NBA is shut down and was forced to cancel. Prior to the formal cancellation of the golf tournament, NSW global product director Gentry Humphrey and Jordan Brand have in jordans on sale mens vited Australian shoe maker Sekure D to create a special color matching Air Jordan 2011 for MJ. The Australian Air Jordan 2011 is just the first finished version of the sample, and Sekure has been linked with the Australian red kangaroo by understanding three fast patterns. Many of the details of the design have not yet been shown in this version. In the end, Wade replaced Jordan, completed the trip, and wore this special edition to attend the event.Anthony Dave White is about to launch a version of Jordan M9 2013-12-08 22:56:20 Jordan Brand recently announced that its spokesman Cameron Anthony is on the famous artist Dave White; a cooperation, it is reported that Anthony recently visited Britain and during the art house to meet, both hands is logical. Dave White and Jordan Brand relationship has been very good, has launched two limited edition Air Jordan 1, and the melon together, do not know what kind of spark will be wiped out? Let's wait and see.[Chinese shoes network] the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer Nike announced yesterday, adapt to environmental changes air jordan 11 space jam for sale in the international market, plans to cut about 5 percent of staff worldwide, the total number of about 1750 people. Nike China's relevant person in charge in an interview with reporters said the cuts in order to maintain the company's competitiveness, plans to cut 1,750 staff, the US headquarters will cut 500, the rest in its overseas factories. At the same time, Nike also and decided to cancel the three in China and one in Vietnam and overseas factories, in order to save money. 2012-2-13 08:38 upload and download the attachment (240.67 KB) see Mita earlier sneaker creative director Kunii Eita is wearing a pair of not too familiar with the sneaker in Japan, and later to know that this is the classic Reebok Workout and Mita sneaker shoes, or the joint models, after verification of the original this year is this pair of shoes 25th anniversary birthday no wonder Mr Kunii, to disturb. And Reebok does not know whether to find a shoe shop cooperation addiction, in addition to Mita, this time to find the same wave shoe store's Limited Edt, launched a cooperation section Workout Plus. buy cheap jordans online This Limited Edt inspiration is very novel, for Singapore local popular king Tiger Beer, it is of the same origin, and in 80s Tiger Beer bottle color blueprint, with retro shoe in 80s, combined with each other after emitting a strong retro flavor. Culture and significance are there, coupled with such a bright color, there is no sense of your heart? can hardly imagine a color that looks cooler than the cold ashes of the Jordan brand, but it does exist. Jordan brand launched a new color Jordan CMFT Max Air 12, with the simplest tone to complete the shoes. Mostly white white leather breathable mesh stitching, in the end is the gray wolf like Air Max 97, black is used in the bottom and the tongue, lining. The new color looks like the Oreo brand of Jordan, which may be on sale in March 19th.In order to adapt to the changing fashion needs and produce more customized products, Adidas launched the world's first mass production of 3D printing sports shoes - " the future process 4D" ;. consumers can customize the color and pattern of shoes when ordering this shoe. 3D printing technolo Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale gy can greatly reduce the cost and time of customized production, and also produce more suitable soles according to your weight and footwork data. in fact, like other sports products giant Nike, dema and new 100-lun are also trying to use the sole production of 3D printing technology, but there are still not mass production, just sign up for its athletes produced a small number of custom shoe sole. This is because 3D printing technology is slower, higher cost, and the quality of products produced is not as good as the current large-scale production of sports shoes using injection molds. however, Adidas said, and Silicon Valley startups Carbon cooperation will be able to overcome these difficulties, production quality can be comparable with the injection shoes products, but the speed and cost can meet the requirements of mass production. Gerd Manz, Adidas's technology innovation director, said, "this is not only a milestone for Adidas, but also for the industry as a whole," says ." Carbon has won investments from Sequoia Capital, GE and Google Corporation. Carbon abandons the traditional 3D printing technology, uses photosensitive polymerization resin to print, and then through the light polymerization reaction, complete the curing process. This technique will help Adidas sports shoes faster production of customized models or limited edition, and lower cost, usually mould a pair of sole needs 4 to 6 weeks to finish grinding, need at least 10000 times to recover the cost. Adidas expects to produce 5000 pairs of "future craft 4D" sneakers this year. By next year, Carbon 3D printing technology will make the time of printing a pair of shoes reduced from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes, the "future process 4D" sports shoes production is expected to reach 100 thousand pairs. The price of shoes is not known for the time being, but Adidas says that as technology advances, the cost will gradually decrease. Last year, Adidas sold hundreds of sports shoes using traditional 3D printing technology, priced at $333 (about 2297 yuan), but the soles were hard, and the printing time of a pair of shoes took 10 hours. Vans OTW will again in October to review our vision for Vans lovers winter shoes series, called: Luxe Reverse. In this series, Vans OTW will still bring family shoes Tesella shoes in black leather on the side of the building, use a light brown leather woven with interspersed, followed by Griphook, make shoes more feeling of autumn. There are two pairs of Alomar shoes, a pair of black leather, a pair of light brown suede blessing, still against the seasonal features, plus the cross ventilation hole side increased permeability. Three pairs of shoes outsole with a lightweight UltraCush Lite, provide a more comfortable and casual wear experience. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog[Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News 80 Putian a man accused of manufacturing together after King's intellectual property rights infringement cases, worth over 700 million yuan. Yesterday, reporters learned, Putian City Chengxiang District Prosecutor's Office has the law on suspicion of selling counterfeit registered trademark crimes parties approved the arrest of a suspect. It is reported that the suspect in the side of a born March 17, 1980, secondary education. In mid-February last year, invested 300,000 yuan a square near the city of Putian city blood bank near the road Simon residential rent and literature, were used as warehouses and stores, buying fake Nike, Adidas, MLB and other signs from the city of Jinjiang clothing shirts, by "Grand Jersey home" Internet sales site. In the meantime, also sent to the side of a store in Putian local trade distribution network cards, and gradually expand the sales channels, within its warehouse employees responsible for packaging and picking up six. March 20 this year, after police received a report of Putian, in the side of a warehouse and seized the shirt marked with the Nike trademark logo NFL 450000, marked with Adidas trademark of NFL jerseys 200 and marked MLB trademark shirt 35,000. by Nike and Adidas sampling identified above shirts are fake products, worth 7.05656 billion. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)